OK, SO maybe we're biased, but one...


OK, SO maybe we're biased, but one of our favorite book genres is the journalist's autobiography.

Imagine our delight, then, at opening the April issue of the College Park-based American Journalism Review and happening on a piece in which college professors John Maxwell Hamilton of Louisiana State University and Judith Paterson of the University of Maryland at College Park rate what they consider the 10 best autobiographies by newspaper types.

In all, it's an impressive list. We might have substituted one or two others, such as William Shirer's "Nightmare Years," but we really have no complaints about the titles the two profs came up with.

Ranked in order of publication date, the books are:

* "The Autobiography of Lincoln Steffens" (1931).

* "Newspaper Days, 1899-1906" (1941) by H.L. Mencken.

* "Not So Wild A Dream" by Eric Sevareid (1946).

* "The Autobiography of William Allen White" (1946).

* "Once Around the Sun" by Brooks Atkinson (1951).

* "Where Main Street Meets the River" by Hodding Carter (1956).

* "The Courage to Be Happy" by Dorothy Thompson (1957).

* "Between Meals: An Appetite for Paris" by A.J. Liebling (1962).

* "After Long Silence" by Michael Straight (1983).

* "Wordstruck" by Robert MacNeil (1989).

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