Trivia's on tap in board game about 'Cheers'


And you thought Norm drinking all that beer was a trivial pursuit.

Now anyone who ever loved "Cheers" can toast his or her favorite TV saloon with a test of Boston taproom knowledge.

Yes, it's time for "Cheers: The Board Game."

Actually, the official title is "Cheers" Trivia Board Game (Classic, $24.99 suggested retail price). The game has been on sale for about a year and has been selling fairly well but, according to Joe Carey of The Game Keeper in Towson Town Center, sales are "picking up." With the finale of "Cheers" airing May 20, he expects it to do even better.

No, you can't cheat by using Cliff's notes. He's lost in his own personal postal zone anyway.

Besides, even if you lose at this game, you'll still have lots of laughs.

That's because the game is jammed with bent behavior, saloon factoids and memorable lines from Sam and Diane, Woody, Rebecca, Norm, Cliff and Carla.

You'll have to know things like the movie to which Coach knows every line of dialogue. (It's the legendary Robert Mitchum moonshine saga "Thunder Road.")

Or how about naming the author of a book titled "Nice Psychiatrists Who Marry Castrating, Shrew, Battle-ax, Heretic Fishwives"? Could it be Lilith? Or Simon Finch-Royce? Nope, it's the sardonic Freud of the cocktail hour, Frasier Crane.

As for the game board, it is styled after the interior of the "Cheers" set. The idea is to move around the bar answering questions based on past "Cheers" episodes and infamous quips.

Besides the often challenging "Cheers" multiple-choice trivia queries, players are challenged to collect wooden nickels by correctly nailing the answers to "Normisms" and "Cliffisms."

With the Normisms, the task is to fill in the blank with a missing word. Example: "How would a beer feel, Mr. Peterson?" "Pretty [nervous] if I were in the room."

With Cliffy the clown, it's a yes-or-no proposition.

Like: "Everyone in the Swiss Army owns a Swiss Army knife. That's why no one messes with Switzerland." And, yes, Cliff Clavin really did say that.

Naturally, the "Cheers" Trivia Board Game most rewards the truly obsessed. Not everyone who adores the TV show will have soaked up the enormous amounts of "Cheers" minutia contained in the game. Then again, even losers can be winners in this game of giggles. Loony saloon laughs right this way. There's a Normism straight ahead.

"Would you like a beer, Norm?"

"I'd like something in a [size] 54 sudsy."

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