Strikers hit Parks Sausage


At least 100 members of the United Food and Commercia Workers Local Union 27 AFL-CIO struck the Parks Sausage Co. last night because of management proposals for give-backs in the current contract, said a non-union worker who asked not to be identified.

The company in the 3300 block of Park Circle is one of the city's largest employers in the food industry.

Tom Russo, president of Local 27, said the company is asking for a 75 cents-an-hour salary rollback and a requirement that each union worker pay 15 percent of salary for health care.

Under Mr. Russo's leadership, about a dozen workers were picketing the building early this morning, but more were expected to take up picket signs and join their fellow workers later.

Production of meat products normally handled by members of the striking local was being handled by supervisors, said a salesman who was assisting other nonunion workers in loading trucks for delivery.

A nonunion worker said every member of management was expected to work at positions normally filled by striking union members.

It was not immediately known if the firm would hire nonunion workers to replace striking union employees during the duration of the strike.

City police from the Northwestern District were detailed to the strike and no incidents were reported.

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