From The Sun May 9-15, 1843May 9:...


From The Sun May 9-15, 1843

May 9: Screwbolts -- The Screwbolt Society, as appears by the doings of Saturday night last, has re-organized, and is now in greater vigor than before.

May 11: Some rogues entered the oil and candle factory of Mr. W. Robinson Jr. on Tuesday night and robbed it of twenty boxes of sperm candles.

May 15: We learn that the Neptune Insurance Company of this city, have, by a large majority, determined to close their business and wind up its concerns.

From The Sun May 9-15, 1893

May 9: The conductors and motormen on the York Road Electric Railway wear a blue uniform with brass and a white cap.

May 12: The steamer Danville brought yesterday from the York River the largest shipment of peas of the season.

May 13: A delegation from the neighborhood of Harlem Park protested to Mayor Latrobe against a regulation prohibiting roller-skating in the park.

From The Sun May 9-15, 1943

May 12: Two carloads of white potatoes, scheduled to arrive today from Loxley, Ala., will relieve an acute shortage here.

May 13: The Women's Civic League's annual spring flower mart, postponed yesterday because of rain, will be held today in Mount Vernon Place.

May 14: In a city-wide roundup of alleged draft dodgers the Federal Bureau of Investigation yesterday arrested twenty-nine men, all of whom will be charged with violations of the Selective

Service Act.

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