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Q: I'm searching for an interesting-looking sink as part of a planned make-over of a small powder room. A pedestal sink was my initial preference, but most of the ones I've seen are too contemporary for my taste. It's also occurred to me that a pedestal would be a problem because of its lack of storage space. I'd also like your advice in regard to wall and floor treatments. A traditional look is what I'm after -- but no wallpaper, please!

A: Although I don't know how elaborate a redesign you're contemplating, the sink and surround shown in the photo might suit your specifications. This is an imaginative yet still traditional solution to the kind of problem you describe.

The Kohler Vintage vanity qualifies, I think, as an interesting-looking sink. It's a particularly good choice for smaller spaces because of its compact storage compartment. The gracefully curved wooden doors open up to reveal three drawers and a caned pull-out shelf. That should offer sufficient room for stowing away all your bathroom necessities.

A wooden vanity top enhances the vintage flavor of this newly manufactured piece. But there's no need to worry about water damage, since the surface has been treated with a protective polymeric finish that prevents staining and warping.

Now take a look at the wall treatment. No paper here, you'll be pleased to see.

The combination of geometric forms, all painted a glossy white, makes an attractive contrast to the undulating lines of the dark-colored sink. This effect was achieved by installing painted wood paneling in vertical, diagonal and horizontal strips, which were then framed with a classically styled fluted and medallion molding.

If your own powder room isn't too small to accommodate flooring materials, you might consider adding a white ceramic tile or marble insert.

But if that approach would result in visual confusion in your powder room, then the wise option is simply to cover the entire floor with tile, marble or whatever surfacing you prefer.

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