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Some lucky Moms get orchids today, or at least a card


From a lowly greeting card to a trip to Berlin, here's what a few VIPs are giving Mom this year for Mother's Day.

George Stephanopoulos: "The date is extremely important. I always give my mother flowers for Mother's Day. This year it will be purple orchids in a white vase."

Patty Raynes: "Roses."

Isaac Mizrahi: "I always have a lunch for the whole family on Mother's Day. They all come -- my mother, my two sisters, their husbands and children.

"It used to be hilarious when I was about 20 -- in a studio apartment and there were a thousand people. Now it's a little more sane.

"As for the gift, it will be a frame with some sort of family picture. Exactly what, I don't know."

Timothy Hutton: "Flowers. Since I was 16 I've been giving my mom a specific arrangement from a specific shop in Berkeley, [Calif.]."

Rosanna Arquette: "We're a tight family, so we make a big deal of it."

Sarah Jessica Parker: "I suppose we'll feed her. And I guess we'll give her pictures of her children gathered together at events she couldn't be at."

Bridget Fonda: "When you're working on a different film all the time your life is never consistent, and I kind of lose touch with holidays. I try to send cards."

Ross Bleckner: "I'm going to paint her some flowers."

Nina Griscom Baker: "A small album of pictures of my daughter, Lily, who's 7 months old. She's my mother's only grandchild."

Fisher Stevens: "A trip to the AIDS conference in Berlin. I think it's in June."

Matthew Broderick: "Thanks for the reminder. Hmmm. I guess I'll give her some CDs. That's what I usually give her."

Penelope Ann Miller: "Certainly flowers. And a free ticket to New York, so she can see me while I'm filming this movie, 'Carlito's Way,' with Al Pacino."

Patti LaBelle: "It's a wonderful day, but not for me, because my mom's gone. But in the industry I'm everybody's mom -- everybody treats me like mom or calls me 'Mom,' even the rap guys."

Andie MacDowell: "I hope my kids have something planned. Maybe I won't have to cook that day."

Emma Thompson: "That's some kind of American thing, isn't it? I try to respect my mother all the time -- and I brought her over to the Oscars with me."

Karen Duffy: "A trophy inscribed with 'Thank you for putting up with me.' I ordered it last week."

Ted Danson: "I observe Mother's Day in defense of how I'll feel on Father's Day. I'm really bad at holidays, though -- I often have to be reminded of my own birthday."

Brandon Tartikoff: "I'm all for celebrating Mother's Day, and Lilly's a great mother. I just hope she won't make me eat cake -- I just lost 8 pounds and I'm really proud of it."

Jeff Goldblum: "Oh, Mother's Day, it's lovely. It's a lovely day. Mothers deserve at least a day for all they've gone through, if not much more. I have a lot of guilt anyway."

Jay Leno: "Mother's Day? Isn't that the holiday Hallmark invented? You hope people don't just save up affection for Mom for just one day a year."

Chris O'Donnell: "I'm not always with my mom on Mother's Day, since I've been going to college in Boston and she lives in Chicago. This year I'll be in Vienna shooting 'The Three Musketeers,' so I'll send her flowers."

Mario Van Peebles: "Every day is Mother's Day for me, because me and my mom are pals and I take her everywhere with me. She's so cool she's like my partner.

"Hey, I took her to see the Rolling Stones at the Altamont. Or maybe she took me. I can't remember."

Larry Kirwan: "When is it? How about lingerie?"

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