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Oates must goHang in there, Gregg; the...


Oates must go

Hang in there, Gregg; the knowledgeable fans are with you.

Jim Gadow


Orioles; hello, Phillies

After 35 years as a fan, I've abandoned the Orioles. They are not a team; they are a tourist attraction.

The new stadium is a phony antique designed for and catering to yuppies. The games are sold out, tickets available only from scalpers at ridiculous prices, even though at face value the tickets are among the most expensive in baseball.

The team itself is lackluster and uninspiring. Its signature player, Cal Ripken, is a stoic who won't generate any excitement until he nears Lou Gehrig's consecutive-game record, in about three years.

So, it's off to Philadelphia I go. The Phillies have some interesting and entertaining characters: Kruk, Dykstra, Daulton, Mitch Williams, ex-Oriole Schilling, etc. And most importantly, I can walk right up to the ticket window of any Phillies game and buy a ticket at a fair price.

Blake Lewis

College Park


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