Town Council candidates air views on police protection, National Register ELECTION '93: Union Bridge


Selby M. Black

Biography: Age: 59; married with three children; councilman with 14 years' service, chairman of the office building committee; member of the Church of the Brethren and the Lions Club; helps with fire company dinners and fund-raising for the new town office.

* Question 1: Whether Union Bridge has its own police force depends on the funding of the Resident Trooper Program. The resident trooper will cost the town a lot less than having its own police force.

* Question 2: Yes, I would like to see the town listed on the National Register, in hope of preserving the old part of our town.

* Question 3: I would like to see the Phillips annexation started, [and] move at a slow and steady pace. At a slower pace, its easier to foresee the problems which will develop.

Question 4: The biggest problem is in the state-mandated controls over our water and sewerage system, while cutting the financial support. The only way to solve the financial problem is to keep our spending to the bare necessity. For example, the new town hall is being partly financed by fund-raisers.

Toni Eder

/# * Biography: Age: 34; homemaker

and mother of two; graduate of Seton High in Baltimore; attended Essex Community College and Towson State University; served on the Carroll County Recycling Committee; Union Bridge street-naming, recycling and town office funding committees and Union Bridge Area Heritage Committee; works with mayor and council to publish town newsletter.

Question 1: At the present time, the resident trooper program is more than adequate. However, if in the future the program should desolve, it is necessary to have some type of police force.

* Question 2: Being on the National Register of Historic Places is one step toward preserving our history, heritage and architecture. Since this allows a personal choice for property owners, this may be the channel to restore our business district and also help homeowners who wish to restore apply for funding.

* Question 3: I would like to see Phillips proceed as planned, with continued strict control governed by the town. I would like to make sure some open space is included. Also, once people start moving in, to let them feel they are part of the town, not a separate entity.

Question 4: I see no overall large problems at this time. However, I would like things continuing to be done, such as the wonderful volunteer work for the new town hall and continued updating of the town's different systems. I would also like to see the beginning of revitalizing the business district.

Vickie Lynn Greenwood

Biography: Age: 30; single, native of Union Bridge. A.A. degree from Baltimore Community College, graduate of Francis Scott Key High School; food service supervisor at Carroll County General Hospital since 1981; member of Dietary Managers (former secretary, treasurer, education chairwoman, newsletter editor), member of American Dietetic Association; member of Sunday Singles (former activities director), treasurer; chairperson of Town Hall Funding Committee and member of Building Committee.

Question 1: Union Bridge needs a full-time police force either in the resident trooper program or our own. We need to look at the pros and cons and cost of each program and see which one best suits our needs and budget.

* Question 2: National Register would enable residents to apply for grants and tax benefits for restoring their homes. The register is formal recognition that a property in Union Bridge is significant in our history, architecture and culture.

Question 3: Affordable single-family homes and senior housing and to restore old farmhouse.

Question 4: Business district -- work on a program to promote the town of Union Bridge to attract business. And work on Phillips development to help bring business to town.

Bonnie M. Hyde

Biography: Age: 45; single, lifelong resident of Union Bridge, 1965 graduate of Francis Scott Key High School; employee of State Farm Insurance Co. for 28 years (control specialist); member of Union Bridge Methodist Church, chairperson administrative board for the past nine years; president of Union Bridge Recreation Council, board of directors, liaison between Union Bridge Recreation Council and the town of Union Bridge; received Carroll County Recreation and Parks "Volunteer of the Year" honors in 1985 representing Union Bridge Recreation Council; member of Union Bridge planning and zoning commission for the past six years; members of Building Fund-raising Committee, chairperson of Carroll County Municipal League Scholarship Committee.

* Question 1: I believe we should work toward having our own police force. We need our own officer, living in Union Bridge, and full time rather than part time. I feel this exposure will be of great benefit. With careful planning, and seeking all available options, I think this goal would benefit us not only in protection but financially as well.

* Question 2: I believe we should continue to pursue the listing in the National Register of Historic Places to encourage owners to restore their properties to the original condition. The financial assistance available through this program often makes it possible for this type of restoration while adding beauty to the town.

Question 3: I would like to see a theme established for the development to make sure we have an attractive addition to our town. I also would like to see single dwelling homes around the perimeter with a small percentage of town houses located in the center and an area of small businesses facing Route 75.

Question 4: I see the biggest problem at this time as not having a second well as a back-up source of water. As part of the Phillips annexation, we have the site for the back-up well. It will be the council's job to see that this expansion stays on schedule and that this need is filled.


Where and when to vote

Registered voters can cast their ballots from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday at Town Hall, 1 W. Broadway St.

Who is running?

Four candidates are running for three council seats: Incumbents Selby M. Black and Bonnie M. Hyde and challengers Toni Eder and Vickie Lynn Greenwood.

Questions for the candidates

Each candidate was asked the following questions:

1. Should Union Bridge work toward having its own police force? Why or why not.

2. Should the town continue to pursue a listing in the National Register of Historic Places? Why or why not?

3. How would you like to see the recently annexed Phillips property developed?

4. What is Union Bridge's biggest problem, and how would you solve it?

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