Where's The Justice In The Davis Case?


To all who need proof of the inequities and failures of our judicial system, they need only look at Page B1 of The Sun from April 29 and compare the sentences received by Pamela Snowhite Davis and Lawrence H. Gillette.

Mrs. Davis was sentenced to two years in state prison on a felony drug conviction involving less than an ounce of pot, fined $2,500, ordered to serve five years of supervised probation, undergo drug treatment and take random urinalysis.

By contrast, Mr. Gillette was found guilty of felony rape and sentenced to probation, home detention, community service, Alcoholics Anonymous attendance and payment of the victim's counseling fees. His conviction will be removed from the record if he adheres to all conditions. . . .

There is no justice!

Toni A. Cowden



Upon reading the article in The Sun April 29 by Darren Allen I am moved to ask this question: What in the heck is going on in Carroll County?

I am truly outraged and greatly angered over the sentence given to Pamela Snowhite Davis. It shows to all Marylanders the kind of stupidity and paranoia that is rampant in our judicial system. Our courts are giving convicted cop killers family visits and Judge Raymond Beck of the Carroll County Circuit Court is giving a first-time offender two years in jail for possession of less than an ounce of pot, not to mention a $2,500 fine.

Hers is a victimless crime. The using of marijuana hurts no one but herself. How does putting this woman in jail protect or serve society? It certainly will not rehabilitate her in any way.

Then, to have the Assistant State's Attorney Barton Walker III say that this sentence is "appropriate" smacks of nothing short of moronic. To complete this travesty, they arrest her son for touching Sheriff's Deputy Jay Prise and he's charged with assault and battery. Not for hitting or striking, but for brushing him with his finger. I hope the officer didn't need to be hospitalized. This is beginning to look like a conspiracy against Ms. Davis. Where is the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws?

I think the governor's office or maybe the U.S. attorney general's office should take a close look at this case. . . . Both Judge Beck and Mr. Walker should be removed from their jobs. This sounds like something from a TV sitcom. A comic tragedy!

Barry Ford


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