25 Years Ago* The dedication of the...


25 Years Ago

* The dedication of the Eldersburg Community Center will take place on Sunday, May 5th, with Senator Charles E. Smelser acting as master of ceremonies; Attorney General Francis B. Burch delivering the principal address, and Gerald Brickett, chairman of the board of the Carroll County public library, speaking on behalf of the Eldersburg branch of the library. -- Democratic Advocate, May 2, 1968.

50 Years Ago

* The Jersey herd owned by J. Earle Marshall, Millers, has been tTC given national distinction in being awarded the Star Herd designation of the American Jersey Cattle Club. The purpose of this award is to promote and foster high and profitable production, as an important part of the war effort. -- Democratic Advocate, April 30, 1943.

75 Years Ago

* The Red Cross meeting held in the gymnasium on Tuesday night was very well attended in spite of rainy weather. Mr. Winebrenner, the speaker of the evening, formerly engaged in Red Cross work in France, gave a very interesting accounting of . . . the front and of war conditions in general. -- The Pilot, May 3, 1918.

100 Years Ago

* The baseball teams of the Maryland Agricultural College, Prince George's County, and Western Maryland College played a game of ball on the grounds of the latter in this city. A drizzling rain fell throughout the entire game, making good ball-playing an utter impossibility.The game resulted in a victory for the Western Maryland boys, by a score of 7 to 6. Although defeated, the visitors demonstrated not only that they were good ballplayers, but that some college boys, at least, know how to conduct themselves as gentlemen when away from home. -- American Sentinel, May 6, 1893.

Compiled from the archives of the Historical Society of Carroll County.

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