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Do You Call This A Sign Of...


Do You Call This A Sign Of Leadership?

On April 6, while driving to work, I noticed John Leopold, a local ex-politician, standing on the side of the road. Had his car broken down, or was he giving assistance in an emergency? Neither was the case. Mr. Leopold was standing on the shoulder of Route 100, holding a sign with his name on it. He was waving to motorists as they passed ever so close to his precarious position.

Now what can cause a man to break the law by climbing over fence barriers and walking a half-mile, on a limited-access highway, endangering himself and others for a friendly wave and some name recognition?

It is not clear what office Mr. Leopold is seeking, but it must be a station of authority. . . . Whatever the case, Mr. Leopold should start obeying the laws of the state he seeks to represent. . . .

Allen L. Bush


Health Care

It was bad enough that Del. John Gary was the only one of Anne Arundel County's senators and delegates to vote against the landmark health care reform bill recently enacted by the legislature. His expressed reason for voting against the bill, that Anne Arundel County residents "will have to absorb the problems of Baltimore," added insult to injury.

As a nurse working at a Baltimore City hospital, I can personally attest to the large number of Anne Arundel County residents who currently use Baltimore medical facilities. . . .

Mr. Gary is also misinformed about the impact of geography on health insurance costs. Geography is far less important than a person's age as a factor driving health care costs. . . . Ultimately, the health care bill will stabilize the insurance rates across the state based on the claims experience of employees in a community rating system.

Maryland has had years of successful experience holding down hospital costs. . . . The new legislation will apply a similar method to out-patient costs, including doctor's fees. I agree with Sen. John A. Cade, who said that the legislation is "a step in the right direction" and "an honest and sincere attempt" to deal with our health care problems.

Donna Funk

Severna Park

The writer is a registered nurse.

Stress Positives

After returning home from a wonderfully enjoyable evening at the theater, I was inspired to write this letter. No, I didn't enjoy a pricy evening at the Mechanic or Lyric, but a $3 seat at Severna Park Middle School's performance of "The Wizard of Oz."

The school staff, community helpers, parents and, most of all, the very talented students must be commended for such a well-performed, modernized, humorous and technically advanced presentation of a story beloved by all.

This newspaper needs to scrap the daily reports of school violence, drugs, assaults and the negative aspects of the teen years and make more space for the accomplishments that many middle school and high school youth are achieving every day. . . .

Terry Halstad


Severna Park Zoning

I feel that I should clarify one significant point relative to the story which ran in The Sun (April 15) about the Greater Severna Park Council's action on the Langlois zoning reclassification case.

Joseph Langlois was characterized as "crashing our meeting." . . . Mr. Langlois was within his rights to attend the meeting. The matter in question was whether or not Mr. Langlois could ask the GSPC for a reconsideration of our position in his case. GSPC rules require that the facts of the situation change substantially for a reconsideration to be permitted. The board felt that this was not the case. . . . Mr. Langlois had contacted a number of delegates, some by letter and some by phone. Obviously, some delegates were sympathetic to his situation, but others were annoyed at being contacted at home. The motion to re-affirm the executive board position (not required) passed by one vote (mine as president to break the tie). . . . At the end of the meeting, I exercised my power as president to allow Mr. Langlois to speak. This was not a reconsideration by the GSPC, but an opportunity for him to better inform those delegates who might . . . choose to exercise their right to appear at the hearing in his behalf. . . .

Patricia H. Troy

Severna Park

The writer is president of the Greater Severna Park Council Inc.

Pre-K Funding

As a Glendale Elementary parent, I find this time of year very nerve-wracking as I watch as the county develops its budget.

Each spring, when parents register their 4-year-olds for the pre-kindergarten classes at our school, they receive a disclaimer stating that there is no guarantee that there will actually be any money for this program.

Curiously, our April newsletter stated that there will be no registration until funding has been approved. Although this appears to make sense . . . why are all the other schools with an Extended Elementary Education Program (EEEP) registering their incoming students?

Parents, students and other concerned citizens have continued to remain vocal in support, acknowledging this highly successful program. The governor and the General Assembly have also acknowledged that pre-K should be a priority. . . . The state

realizes that the benefits of pre-K carry over into elementary and secondary education, and beyond. . . .

Superintendent C. Berry Carter II says, "I agree with you on the intrinsic worth of these programs," but when it comes to budgeting for "non-mandated" programs such as pre-K, however, I must question the methods county school officials use.

They "estimate" how much state-aid revenue they will receive and base their staffing projections accordingly. Their formula is so abstract that it is difficult for a taxpayer to comprehend the process. . . .

Why is Glendale singled out in not registering, if all of the programs must have approved funding? Did anyone from Riva Road request additional state aid to restore lost funding, and even expand to include additional schools? . . .

Catherine Guay

Glen Burnie

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