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Teams flock to the field after pitch flies overhead


TORONTO -- The Orioles not only lost a game last night, but they also appeared to irritate the Toronto Blue Jays.

The incident that brought both teams onto the field and stirred a walk-around debate occurred in the bottom of the seventh inning. With the Blue Jays leading 9-5, Orioles reliever Alan Mills pitched a fastball over the head of batter Luis Sojo, who was filling in for regular shortstop Dick Schofield.

When Sojo glared at Mills as if to say "why me?", Mills walked toward home plate and appeared to motion to Sojo.

"I think he was upset that they didn't make the double play before that," Sojo said. On the previous play, Pat Borders reached first and got credit for an RBI when Harold Reynolds made a wide throw to first after getting a force at second base.

"I think he got mad at me," Sojo said. "What did I do?"

Mills declined to comment on the incident. "I don't have anything to say about it," he said.

Sojo, however, was clearly upset and offered his version. "When he walked in [toward home plate], I just told him, 'Don't mess with me . . . don't mess with me,' " Sojo said.

"He [Mills] kept saying: 'Do you want some? Come on.'

"I guess he thinks he's superman," Sojo added with a trace of sarcasm.

Blue Jays manager Cito Gaston said: "There's no doubt he threw at him. If you're going to throw at somebody, don't throw at their head. I think he should have been ejected."

Orioles manager Johnny Oates, however, said: "He didn't do anything to cause him to be ejected."

There was no physical contact during the incident, just a lot of talk. In an effort to assure there would be no instant replays, plate umpire Larry McCoy issued a warning to both teams, and the game was resumed without further incident.

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