THE WOODY Allen-Mia Farrow child custody case...


THE WOODY Allen-Mia Farrow child custody case has provided expert-witness work for a lot of therapists during the past few weeks. In fact, observers of the trial are inclined to believe these "experts" are the only possible winners in these proceedings.

In the long run, however, the case may well be seen as a public relations disaster for psychologists and psychiatrists. As one reporter put it, how can one family employ so many $150-an-hour shrinks and still be this messed up?

Mr. Allen himself has been in therapy for 33 years, 21 of them with the same psychoanalyst, Kathryn Prescott.

We wonder, does Dr. Prescott consider herself a success?

...* * * THE MOST delicious court proceeding we've heard of took place the other day in Philadelphia, when the Pennsylvania attorney general went to court in an effort to halt the sale of Whitman's Chocolates to one of its chief competitors, Russell Stover.

Pennsylvania argued that the $35 million sale from Pet Inc., Whitman's parent company, to an affiliate of Stover violated federal antitrust laws because it would reduce competition in the gift-chocolate business.

But the real kick in the sweet tooth was that the new owners had announced plans to close the Philadelphia plant and make Whitman's trademark sampler elsewhere. (We know just the place!)

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, 60 boxes of chocolate went through the federal court metal detectors to become evidence in the first day of the court battle. According to a Pet attorney, much of the evidence disappeared during trial preparation.

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