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Long and Foster, Coldwell Banker offices merge Combined operation to have 65 agents


Two real estate neighbors are becoming partners, as Long and Foster Real Estate's Westminster office merges with

Coldwell Banker/C.D. Associates.

"We're in the same shopping center and have shared a wall for a number of years," Carl Starner, Long and Foster's Westminster office manager, said yesterday. "They have a high-caliber kind of outfit, with strong and seasoned agents.

"We've worked easily on a cooperative basis and had said we'd be glad to work together when the time was right. For various reasons, the time is right for that."

The merger is effective immediately.

Coldwell Banker has been in the Crossroads Square shopping center since about 1982, when it acquired the Russell T. Baker real estate agency, Mr. Starner said.

Russell T. Baker opened in the center in 1977, and Long and Foster opened its Crossroads office about eight years ago, he said.

After the merger, Long and Foster's Westminster office will have about 65 agents and a good shot at having the largest market share in the county, Mr. Starner said. Long and Foster bases its market share on completed sales, he said.

"In the market share for 1992, theirs and ours together would have made us No. 1 in the market place," Mr. Starner said. "Our year-to-date with theirs puts us about neck and neck with O'Conor, Piper and Flynn, which makes for a very exciting year. O'Conor, Piper and Flynn tops the county is year-to-date market share.

"I'm looking forward to it," he said.

Plans include knocking down the walls between the two offices to create a new office with five conference rooms, a new-home sales center, semi-private offices for top sales people, voice mail telephone system, personal computer center for agents and a data base center.

"We plan to redesign and refurbish the combined spaces, a total of 5,400 square feet, to a state-of-the-art real estate facility with the most modern and sophisticated sales support services available anywhere," Mr. Starner said. "I don't know anyone else who has [personal computers] exclusively for the agents to use as we do."

The Westminster Coldwell Banker office is a franchise and not owned by the parent company, Mr. Starner said. This office is the only Coldwell Banker company Long and Foster has acquired, he said.

Clifford Dull, Jerri Dull, Charles Cull and Patricia Cull, former principals of Coldwell Banker/C.D. Associates, will continue to be sales associates with Long and Foster-Westminster.

C. Sue Lewis, former manager for Coldwell Banker/C.D. Associates, will join Long and Foster-Westminster as training director.

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