Howard wants home numbers Project will help emergency services


Howard County fire and rescue workers are going door-to-door this month to encourage residents to clearly number their houses in case of emergency.

Unnumbered houses delay the response time for fire and rescue workers and police during emergency calls, officials said.

"Your house number is an important part of our ability to provide you with efficient emergency services," said Deputy Chief Edgar G. Shilling of the Bureau of Fire Prevention. "In the past improperly displayed house numbers have been responsible for

delayed response to emergencies.

"If we can't find you, we can't help you!" Mr. Shilling said.

Officials ask that numbers be in plain block numbers, posted in a conspicuous place and easily visible from the road.

The numbers should also be at least 3 inches in height for one- or two-family residences.

Also, numbers should be reflective so emergency workers can see them at night, officials said. If a house isn't close to the road, the numbers should be placed at driveway entrances.

But fire and rescue workers said numbers shouldn't be painted on curbs, because vehicles are often parked there.

Officials are seeking community organizations to help with the numbering project. Anyone interested can call the Bureau of Fire Prevention at 313-6040.

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