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Nosing out perfume bargains


With perfume manufacturers vying for Mother's Day gift dollars, it's smart to sniff out the bargains. Department store counters are filled with specials and sales to attract attention -- there are sale-priced introductory gift packages, reduced prices with purchase, and gifts with purchase.

The gift-with-purchase is the smartest way to try out a new product. Tamara Stratford, regional cosmetics buyer for Nordstrom, lists a few samples of the store's gift specials.

* Safari by Ralph Lauren gives away small samplings of a gel, body lotion and a perfume miniature with any $39.50 purchase.

* White Diamonds has a white and gold lame pouch, cream, shower gel, lotion and perfume miniature with purchase of $38.50.

* Chloe Narcise puts samplings of cream, shower gel, lotion and perfume miniature into a fuchsia and lavender taffeta pouch with a purchase of $45.

On the discount store circuit, F&M; distributors, offers well-priced fragrances in familiar drugstore and department store brands. Patti Klein, vice president of marketing for F&M;, says the 116-store national chain may be just the place to shop for grandmother. Those old favorites -- Chantilly, Emeraude and White Shoulders -- are still selling well.

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