Lightning hits houses, but does little damage Two locust trees are also struck


Lightning struck at least three times during a heavy rainstorm in Carroll County about 3 p.m. yesterday.

Two houses on Sandymount Road were apparently hit by lightning but suffered only minor damage, according to their owners.

Cindy Parr of the 2600 block of Sandymount Road said she was talking on the telephone when she heard a loud noise and then buzzing on the line.

Firefighters from the Reese station later determined the buzzing sound was coming from the microwave oven in the kitchen, which was not in operation at the time of the storm.

Mrs. Parr said the lightning bolt apparently hit the TV antenna on the roof, blew out the picture tube of a television on the second floor, damaged the oven in the kitchen and tripped three circuit breakers.

Donna Kreiner, her next-door neighbor, called 911 after hearing a loud noise and smelling overheated electrical insulation and smoke in the house.

Firefighters from the Reese company searched the house but found no fire, and Mrs. Kreiner said she found no damage to any appliances.

During the storm, lightning also struck two large locust trees near Winfield Elementary School in the 1700 block of Sams Creek Road, splitting one of them to the ground, according to a resident of the area.

No one was injured.

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