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Officials may question 2 women about Buttafuoco


NEW YORK -- Nassau County law enforcement sources say they want to talk to two Long Island women who are claiming to have had illicit sex with Joey Buttafuoco.

The two women -- one of whom said her relationship with him is ongoing and the other an admitted former prostitute -- made their claims here yesterday during a taping of the "Geraldo" television show.

"I'm not an Amy Fisher wanna-be," Tammy Byrne, 23, a self-described former crack addict from Baldwin, N.Y., said on "Geraldo." She said Mr. Buttafuoco paid her for sex regularly from the time she was 15 until two years ago. The show is to be aired Friday afternoon.

The second woman, identified as Lorraine Dotson, 34, also of Baldwin, said the last time she was with Mr. Buttafuoco was Saturday when they had sex in his Cadillac. She described herself as a "good friend" who came on the show to defend him as a "nice guy." When she was met by derision from the audience, she said: "C'mon. A lot of guys cheat on their wives."

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