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It took Paris (and the coffee) to join their lips Taster's Choice affair heats up


The world's slowest love affair is picking up steam.

The seventh in a series of Taster's Choice coffee commercials aired on CBS' "Northern Exposure" Monday night. And it concludes with a kiss. So what, you say?

So this kiss has been a long time coming.

This particular ad campaign, created by McCann-Erickson for Nestle Co., which makes Taster's Choice, features a romance between two sophisticated singles. It first began percolating after she knocked on his door and asked to borrow some coffee. That was three years ago.

Each individual chapter in this 45-second soap opera airs for months, on the three major networks and on 30 different shows, before a new chapter is introduced.

And so it was back in January, when the hero (who doesn't seem to have a name) first called the heroine to tell her he was going to Paris on business. When she said, "How romantic," he replied: "It can be."

And apparently will be.

Monday night, she turned up in Paris.

"I got your telegram," he says. "I just had to come . . . " she says. She has brought him a gift of (what else?) Taster's Choice.

The Eiffel Tower is in the background. He says: It's wonderful . . . the view, the Taster's Choice. . .

She asks: Is that all?

"No," he says.


Every other ad in this series has had a cliffhanger ending. Is she interested in another guy? Will she go to Paris? This is the first to end with an answer rather than a question. Does that mean it's the grand finale?

"No," said Amy Brown, of DeVries Public Relations in New York City, spokeswoman for McCann-Erickson. "There will be an eighth -- probably in September.

"A kiss doesn't end anything," she observed. "It's the beginning of everything."

Stay tuned.

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