Pleasant Valley hears details of water project County planners brief 50 residents


Debbie Stewart of Pleasant Valley turned on her faucet last night and waited 15 minutes for water to wash her hands.

Then she went to an informational meeting on the Pleasant Valley Water and Sewer Improvement Project, which is supposed to eliminate water problems in Pleasant Valley.

The Carroll County Planning Department organized the meeting, attended by about 50 residents. The county plans to replace the village's water system and bring in sewer service for the first time.

About 45 homes will be affected,said planner Helen Spinelli. That could rise to 60 units as undeveloped lots are built and homes are divided into apartments.

The county also will improve Pleasant Valley Road and part of High Street, install curbs and some sidewalks, and resurface roads.

Many people at the meeting said they believe the project is needed.

"You don't want to get up too late," said Judy Basham, who lives on Pleasant Valley Road. She said she awakens between 4:30 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. -- nonprime time -- to be sure she can get enough water pressure to take a shower.

The estimated cost of the project is $1.5 million ($602,070 for the water system and $935,070 for sewer lines). "Most of that's covered" by county, state and federal grants, said Michille Hyde, of the county grants office.

She said $55,000 is still not covered, and Pleasant Valley residents may have to borrow that amount.

Residents would be expected to donate necessary utility easements for water or sewer lines, or road widening to accommodate the utilities. Hookups to the new sewer system will be mandatory.

Ms. Hyde said grant money is available to help low- and moderate-income people pay the cost of running plumbing from a home to the sewer line. But other residents will have to pay that cost. The amount will vary from home to home, and some residents may have to fill in septic tanks.

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