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Mount Airy council rejects annexation plea

The Mount Airy Town Council unanimously rejected a request to annex 126 acres, known as Doub's Farm, west and south of Watersville Road.

Doub's Farm Venture Limited Partnership asked the council to annex the land and rezone the property from agricultural use to low-density housing. Low density housing would allow up to three homes per acre.

Town officials, however, said possible problems with the property outweighed any benefits. Town planner Teresa Bamberger said property closer to town should be developed first and that various steep slopes on the farm would make development difficult.

Doub's Farm Venture argued that the tract should be annexed because it might provide two new primary wells and a possible secondary well for the town. Located at the town's eastern boundary, the tract also is close to the proposed Gillis Falls reservoir.

The council's decision Monday night came after a public hearing that only two residents attended.


* Mount Airy: Mount Airy was dispatched for a mulch fire on East Ridgeville Road at 11:06 p.m. Monday. Units were out for 20 minutes.

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