Don't miss the chance this Sunday to say, 'Thank you, Mom' WEST COLUMBIA


Sons and daughters, husbands, too. This Sunday is Mother's Day. Please don't forget the most important person in your life.

Without her, there would be no one to cook your meals, or clean up your room, or pick up and wash your dirty clothes, or be your personal chauffeur, or listen patiently to your problems, or hug you when you're sad or hurt, or bless you with a smile that says, "I love you."

And that's not to mention all the moms out there earning a living.

So just in case you've forgotten, this is your chance to say, "Thank you, Mom."


As we enter the merry month of May, with warmer weather firmly entrenched at last, many people are breaking free of the winter doldrums by doing spring things around the house.

People were out in force this past weekend planting flowers and shrubs, mowing long-uncut lawns, painting the trim on the house, cleaning out the basement and garage, washing and waxing cars, and now that the ground is finally dry enough, planting seed in small vegetable gardens in the back yard.

Another sure sign of spring were the hundreds of walkers, joggers, bikers and just plain nature lovers, dressed in shorts and short-sleeve shirts, who crowded the pathways of Centennial Park and Wilde Lake to enjoy the greening and blossoming of the trees.

Ah-h, yes! Can summer be far behind?


Many parents are already thinking about the summer months. Kids will be out of school in about six weeks, and some planning must be done on how they will spend their summer vacation.

One of the more popular options for parents and their children is summer camp.

Parents in Columbia are blessed with hundreds of camp options. Both the Columbia Association and Howard County Department of Recreation and Parks offer a wide variety of summer camps, ranging from kindergarten day camps to wilderness adventure camps.

Because of the popularity of summer camps, it is recommended that parents and children quickly decide which camps most appeal to them and make the necessary arrangements.

Some of the more popular camps fill up rapidly.

Interested parents can call the Columbia Association at 715-3165 and recreation and parks at 313-2762.


Congratulations to poets Karen Arnold, Alison Radcliffe and Henry L. Mortimer. These West Columbia residents were among the Howard County poets chosen by former Maryland poet laureate and Howard County Poetry and Literature Society board member Lucille Clifton to offer readings of their poems this past Sunday at Amherst House in Columbia.


A hearty welcome to the newly elected members of the Columbia Council and village boards in West Columbia.

Congratulations to new council member Mike Rethman of Hickory Ridge; and to new board members Darlene Davis of Harper's Choice; James Loesch, Linda Hitzelberger, Miles Coffman, Phil Berman and Raissa Kirk of Hickory Ridge; Dina Michels, Ken Paynter Jr. and Kathy Ruben of River Hill; and welcome back to former board and council member Michael Deets of Wilde Lake.

A vacant fifth village board seat in Wilde Lake will be filled in the near future by an individual selected by the elected members.


Howard County General Hospital is offering several of the more popular courses in its health education program.

A free introductory session of "Quit for Life," a very successful smoking cessation program, is available today at 7:30 p.m. in the HCGH Health Education Center.

"Essential in Baby Sitting," a must course for anyone planning to become involved in baby sitting, will be offered from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday in the Health Education Center.

The fee is $25, and a certificate will be awarded. Lunch is provided.

For more information, or to register for either of these courses, call 740-7600.

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