3 council members re-elected Turnout called lowest in years


A little more than 15 percent of Taneytown's registered voters showed that they were satisfied with the status quo yesterday by re-electing their incumbent councilmen to four-year terms.

Thomas J. Denike, Henry C. Heine Jr. and James L. McCarron won the three seats by total votes of 184, 173 and 151, respectively.

Political newcomer Roger Keller, a county road maintenance worker who was the only challenger, received 70 votes.

Election Supervisor Linda M. Hess said the voter turnout -- 209 out of the city's 1,379 eligible voters -- was one of the lowest in the last few elections.

In the last election, which was a mayoral election, there were about 300 or more people voting," said Ms. Hess, who is also clerk-treasurer. "I'd say this is pretty low."

Election judges Jean A. Harman, Louise Riffle and Harry B. Dougherty Sr. said the day went smoothly.

"It's just been easy and steady," said Ms. Harman. "No rush."

The few residents who voted had the opportunity to talk to Mr. Heine and Mr. Denike while the polls were open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. The two men stood outside the town office all day greeting citizens, chatting and enjoying the sunshine.

"This is where you have to be, you've got to get out and meet the people," said Mr. Denike, 43, a sales manager for Robert Shaw Controls. "And especially today. I mean, today's the day."

"I think it is the least we can do," said Mr. Heine, 46, a Mass Transit Administration engineer. "We represent the people, and you can't do that without going out and talking to them."

Mr. Keller and Mr. McCarron voted early yesterday. Mr. McCarron returned after work to stand in front of the town hall with his colleagues.

He said he came back just "to socialize."

"I think the council is a good council that is concerned about the citizens' welfare," said Mr. McCarron, a 45-year-old sales manager for Southern States Cooperative. "I think the people realize that. At least I hope they do," he said.

"I think they've made progress so far, and I'd like to see it continue," said voter Dick Valentine, who said he was concerned about snow removal near his Windy Hills Drive neighborhood.

Asked who he and his wife voted for, Mr. Valentine said, "Let's just say we didn't vote for change."

Mr. Denike was elected yesterday to his first full term. He was appointed to the council in 1991 to replace a member who moved out of state.

He and his wife, Patricia, have lived on Middle Street for 10 years. They have two children.

Mr. McCarron was elected to his third term. He and his wife, Myra, live on York Street. They have four children.

Mr. Heine was elected to his second term. He lives on East Baltimore Street with his wife, Linda, and two daughters, Michele, 14, and Cathy, 11.

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