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New program reduces paper in the workplaceAccording...


New program reduces paper in the workplace

According to Nine to Five Software of Boulder, Colo., we chopped down 350 million trees last year to make 3,360 billion sheets of office paper.

That fact bothered company President E.R. Haas so much that he created the PaperLess Printer, a program aimed at reducing the amount of paper used in the workplace.

Most word-processing and desk-top publishing programs recognize the need to display a reduced-size preview mode. It lets you see a document as it would appear on the printed page.

But most other programs don't offer a print-preview capability. PaperLess Printer bestows the function on almost any application that prints.

To save even more paper, you can save the reduced data to disk. Send the disk to anybody with the included PaperLess Viewer program, and they can view your information.

One more paper-saver: PaperLess Printer can print several reduced-size pages on a single sheet of paper.

It sells for $199.95 and is available only for the Apple Macintosh.

Nine to Five Software.

(800) 292-5925 or (303) 443-4104.

New products to help clean laser printers

Our office laser printer has started to put smudges on everything it prints. What can we do?

You might want to try two relatively new laser-cleaning products from PaperDirect, a Lyndhurst, N.J., company.

Most smudging is caused by excess toner buildup and dust that gets into the narrow-paper path. LaserKleen Laser Paper is a specially milled paper that picks up and absorbs any excess toner and dust. Simply run a sheet through the printer four or five times.

The second product is the LaserKleen Pen. Laser printers bond the toner to the paper with heat. The heat comes from a metal filament called a corona wire. Toner can stick to the wire and cause streaking.

The LaserKleen Pen is designed to clean the wire without any damage.

It costs $3.95; the paper sells for $18.95 for a pack of 20 sheets.


(800) A-PAPERS or (201) 507-1996)

Hard-disk utility program for IBM-compatibles

Recently, you wrote about a hard-disk utility program that constantly checks to see that there are no problems. It was only for the Macintosh. Is there one for IBM-compatibles?

At the time I wrote the column, I wasn't aware of any. Maybe the folks at Disk Technician read it, too, because they recently introduced Disk Technician Gold.

Like the Macintosh product, it monitors the state of your hard drive by constantly testing the drive's critical components. It does all this in the background, while you continue to do your work.

However, unlike the Mac product, Gold will also repair potential and current hard-disk problems in the background as well.

It sells for $149.95, takes up a tiny 14k of memory and works in the background of DOS or Windows 3.1.

Disk Technician Corp.

(800) 847-5000

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