NICHOLE BRECKER, 18, daughter of Francis and...


NICHOLE BRECKER, 18, daughter of Francis and Mary Brecker of Locust Lane, Eldersburg.

School: Freshman at Carroll Community College.

Honored for: Taking third place in the typing competition at the Collegiate Secretaries International conference in New Orleans, La., in March.

Ms. Brecker is vice president of Carroll Collegiate Secretaries International.

While her typing speed is normally about 70 words per minute, Ms. Brecker said she was having a good day and probably typed faster when she competed at the conference.

Goals: She is pursuing an associate of arts degree at Carroll Community College and plans to be a legal secretary. In addition to going to school, she currently works entering data for Lerner International, a home-based Eldersburg recruiting company that specializes in finding meeting planners and hotel salespeople.

Comments: "I knew I wanted to be a secretary, but I wanted to specialize in something. I thought I'd be more marketable." She decided to be a legal secretary after taking business law in high school.

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