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Man charged with attempting scam against four businesses

An Ellicott City man has been arrested on several counts of trying to steal from businesses in North County.

Police said Robert David Blackwell, of the 3000 block of Conchita Drive, on four occasions pretended he had paid for items at businesses with a larger bill than in fact he had, then loudly insisted the employee give him the extra change.

On April 26, a man tried to swindle two adjacent businesses on Camp Meade Road in Linthicum, the Linthicum Chevron and the Royal Farm store, paying with a $1 bill and pretending it had been a $10 bill. Police were given a description of the suspect.

On Wednesday at 9:30 a.m., a man matching the description attempted to use the same trick at the Crown gas station in the 7000 block of Ritchie Highway, near Eighth Avenue.

At 9:45 a.m., at the Dunkin Donuts, also in the 7000 block of Ritchie, the man reportedly claimed he had handed over a $5 bill instead of $1.

At the doughnut shop, the man was recognized as the suspect wanted in the Linthicum incident. Police later found him at the 7-11 at Ritchie Highway and Furnace Branch Road.

No ruse was attempted at the 7-11, but police said the man was complaining that his soda was warm when he was arrested.

The suspect was not successful in obtaining money in any of the incidents.

Mr. Blackwell was charged with disorderly conduct and four counts of attempted theft.

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