I.S.O. youthful collectors


Organizers of the Baltimore Museum Antiques Show, May 7-9 at the Baltimore Museum of Art, hope to attract more young collectors than ever. "Several dealers with affordable merchandise will be showing for the first time," said show co-manager Pamela B. Meier. "Young collectors are looking for a variety of things. They want to make a design statement with their acquisitions, whether it's a collection of tea strainers or hyacinth vases, an apothecary chest or a piece of garden furniture," she observed. "This year, they can find it all at our show."

William H. Straus of Helburn & Associates, in New York, and Andrew Van Styn of Baltimore's Fourth Quarter Antiques will be among the more than 30 dealers exhibiting in Baltimore. Others hoping to entice young clients include W. Graham Arader III, a print dealer with galleries in San Francisco, Chicago, Houston, New York and Philadelphia; Edith Weber & Co. of New York, offering Victorian and Edwardian jewelry; New York's Hillman-Gemini, purveyors of vintage banks and toys; Pillsbury-Michel Inc., silver dealers from Houston; and Millwood, Va., ceramics dealer Malcolm Magruder.

On Friday the museum's curators will guide groups through the show, followed by a reception. Tickets cost $12. Call (410) 396-6314.

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