Rare is it that nearly 300 readers...


Rare is it that nearly 300 readers call about a story. But, in the case of our March 21 cover, we asked for it.

"Why Husbands Dread Sundays," written by University of Connecticut professor Regina Barreca, suggested Sundays are torment for some husbands, who long for escape. Their wives, on the other hand, long for time together with them.

It was a topic sure to inspire conversation at the breakfast table.

I had asked readers to call SUNDIAL, the telephone information service of the Baltimore Sun, to partake in a short survey on the husbands story and, if they chose, to record 60 seconds of their reactions. It wasn't until dawn on the morning of publication that I realized I had typed an incorrect phone number for SUNDIAL. I spent the whole day wishing I could have called all of you at home to explain.

Then, I began dreading Monday, when I'd have to explain my sorry self to our Fearless Leader, the managing editor. As Homer Simpson would say, "Doop!"

Despite my erring ways, many of you did reach SUNDIAL, thanks in large part to the Dan Rodricks program on WBAL radio. Dan invited me on his show -- along with Regina Barreca by phone -- and the lines were hot for a solid hour. It inspired others to call SUNDIAL and we ended up with a full audio tape of comments for Regina to use for her follow-up story (Page 16).

"The responses were passionate -- and divided," she said. "Happily for the emotional health of Baltimore and its environs, most of the callers were basically satisfied with Sundays."

But are you satisfied, Professor Barreca?

"I look forward to Sundays, but I hadn't always found that to be the case," she said. "During the years of a fairly lonely first marriage, Sundays took a long time because I didn't much like my relationship -- or myself."

Here's hoping all you husbands and wives woke up liking yourselves -- and each other -- this morning, and that your horse won the Derby yesterday.

(And if the latter is not the case, dread not; there's a chance to make up for it Preakness Day.)

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