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Horse takes a homeward detour midway through show


Show season in Maryland finally is getting into full swing. Horses and riders are getting fit, cleaning tack and grooming away winter's grime and shedding hair in order to shine in the show ring now that spring is here.

One horse, however, is not quite convinced that show season is what she has been pining for all these months. At last Sunday's Mount Airy Saddle Pals Show, Marlene Hiltner's Miss Ole Maam slipped her lead midway through the show, galloped up Route 27, turned into her driveway and headed straight for her own stall.

The rest of that well-run and fun show was somewhat less eventful. Kelly Conaway of Taylorsville, taking a well-deserved weekend off from pony racing, came to ride Libby Ballenger's grand mare Whiskey and rode off with two championships.

"This is our first show together," Conaway said of the 10-year-old Thoroughbred-Percheron cross. "But we hunted with Goshen this year. She's a great jumper."

Conaway's little sister Jenny brought her pony Shalimar and went home with three ribbons.

"Shalimar did best in the walk-trot-canter class because she has a nice canter and a good trot. We had a good time all day, but the best part is winning ribbons," she said.

Judge Diane Cicak of Harrisburg stayed after the show to give a mini-clinic to some of the riders.

"The children need to be prepared when they come to a show," Cicak said. "Even at a schooling show like this, they need to do their homework.

"I like to see well-groomed, clean horses. And the kids' clothes should fit and their hair should be tucked up. These are not things that take money, just time, attention and a little muscle."

The following are results of recent shows:

Mount Airy Saddle Pals Show

Open Western Division: Champion -- Smokey, Ann Moore (Frederick); Reserve champion -- Prospect Investor, Megan Mulligan (Walkersville).

Speed Division: Ch. -- Joe's Sabith Joe, Kelsey Caudill (Frederick); Res. -- Red Jo Otoe, Carol Abbott (Mount Airy).

Short Stirrup Division: Ch. -- Just My Style, Missy Mellon (Frederick); Res. -- Miss Moosette, Stacey Mellon (Frederick).

Novice Equitation over-14 Division: Ch. -- Kim Newman (Frederick), Just My Style; Res. -- Lisa Bradley (Westminster), Butterscotch.

Novice Equitation under-14 Division: Ch. -- Beth Diehl (Frederick), K.K.; Res. -- Mandy Lee (Frederick), Lady Jane.

Hunter Division: Ch. -- Whiskey, Kelly Conaway (Taylorsville); Res. -- Gray Boy Rastus, Tammy Wages (Frederick).

Junior English Pleasure Division: Ch. -- Whiskey, Kelly Conaway (Taylorsville); Res. -- Just My Style, Julie McCutcheon (Frederick).

Senior English Pleasure Division: Ch. -- Ralph, Dave Betts (Woodbine); Res. -- Smokey, Ann Moore (Frederick).

Mid-Md. Horse & Pony Assoc. Show

Western A Division: Champion -- Ima Impressive Bailey, Chris Morgan; Reserve champion -- Buck's Little Bow, Marci Weingard.

Western B Division: Ch. -- Jolly, Jason Hartner; Res. -- Reynold's Smoke, Justin Johnson.

Western Youth Division: Ch. -- Lin's Dashin Dandy, Amanda Naill; Res. -- Shawn's Wise Sham, Erik Lehr.

Western Walk/Trot Division: Ch. -- Reynold's Smoke, Samantha Collins; Res. -- Lin's Dashin Dandy, David Naill.

Western Leadline/Walk Division: Ch. -- Shawn's Wise Sham, Jessica Strain; no reserve champion.

Speed A Division: Ch. -- Go In The Fast Lane, Jim Abe; Res. -- Rajun Cajun, Michelle Stowers.

Speed B Division: Ch. -- Butterscotch, Carey Fish, Res. -- Star's Bandit Buoy, Carey Fish.

Speed Youth Division: Ch. -- Butterscotch, Cheryl Young; no reserve champion.

Speed Walk/Trot Division: Ch. -- Lady K's Finale, Debbie Newton; no reserve champion.

Novice Adult Division: Ch. -- Doc's Little Spot, Paula O'Connor; Res. -- Justa Rawhide Dancer, Linda Shackleford.

English A Division: Ch. -- Blue Ice, Tammy Grieve; Res. (tie) -- Moonlight Voyager, Missy Geisler, and Don's Expertise, Sandy Weinreich.

English B Division: Ch. -- The Pines Kahlua, Bridget Fairman; Res. -- Lucky Dollar, Becky Shoffield.

English Youth Division: Ch. -- Sweetie Dawlin, Crystal Pickett; Res. (tie) -- The Only Choice, Emilie Brosenne, and Lin's Dashin Dandy, Amanda Naill.

English Walk/Trot Division: Ch. -- Maryland Star, Rebecca Robey; Res. (tie) -- April Sweetheart, Stacie Wiczulis, and Magic, Sherri Fram.

English Leadline/Walk: Ch. -- April Sweetheart, Laura Wiczulis; no reserve.

Lehigh Riding Club

Schooling Horse and Pony Show

Short Stirrup Division: Ch. -- Northern Star, Meridith Eisenhart; Res. -- My Buddy, Andrew Beard.

Beginner Rider Division: Ch. -- Dawn Jenny Wade, Jennifer Furman; Res. -- Rascal, Andrea Drezianowski.

Crossrail Hunter Pony Division: Ch. -- Red Baron, Rebecca Hertz; Res. -- Best of Spirits, Meredith Killman.

Small Pony Hunter Division: Ch. -- Timely Adventure, Erin Necker; Res. -- Northern Star, Elizabeth Eisenhart.

Large Pony Hunter Division: Ch. -- Magic Mirage, Julie Schaffer; Res. -- Heather Arnold.

Crossrail Hunter Horse Division: Ch. -- Prize Possession, Ivy Allgeier; Res. -- Emma, D'anne Kelly.

Schooling Hunter Division: Ch. -- Ramikins, D'anne Kelly; Res. -- In the Spotlight, Melanie Abbott.

Open Hunter Division: Ch. -- Ramikins, D'anne Kelly; Res. -- In the Spotlight, Melanie Abbott.

Special show for mothers

The Mid-Maryland Horse and Pony Association has planned a special treat for mothers at its show on Mother's Day (May 9).

There will be a Reverse Lead Line Class, a Mother's Walk/Trot Pleasure class, a Cake Walk and a relay race. All Mother's Day classes will accept English and Western entries, and show dress (except for safety headgear) is not required. Special prizes will be awarded for these classes.

Calendar of events

Today -- Potomac Spring Hunter Pace, Potomac. .

Today -- Anne Kursinski clinic at Shadowbrook Farm, Elkridge.

Tuesday -- Carroll County Equestrian Council general meeting, 7:30 p.m., East Middle School, Longwell Avenue, Westminster. (410) 833-4593.

Saturday -- All 4-H Schooling Show. Hoofbeat 4-H Saddle Club, ** Ag Center, Westminster. (410) 848-3192.

May 9 -- Potomac Hunt Races, 12:30 p.m., Seneca.

May 12 -- Severn Valley Stables Twilight Show. Dressage, Combined Tests, Clear Round Stadium competition, Ritchie Highway, Arnold. (410) 757-1971.

May 15 -- Trail Work Day, Union Mills.

May 15-16 -- Charlie Plumb Combined Training Clinic. Middletown. Sponsored by New Market-Middletown Hounds.

May 23 -- Aspiring Heights Horse Show, All English, Westminster. (410) 848-1431.

May 29 -- New Kids 4-H Show, Gambler's Reward Stable, Sparks. (410) 875-2050.

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