Bullish on nameNFL nickname for team.Quick and...

Bullish on name

NFL nickname for team.


Quick and simple.

Baltimore Bulls (after male cows).


Jim Craft


Making a Point

Yo, Boogie, Tom and Malcolm. It's not true that all the good names have been taken. Baltimore can maintain its blue-collar tradition of support for pro football by naming its NFL hopeful the Sparrows -- from the Point of the same name.

Along with many other cities, we can attest to the popularity of teams named for birds. And, we could root year-round for the O's and the 'Rows.

To those who might not think Sparrows is macho enough in the violent world of pro football, just try rolling the r's a little when you say it. Anyway, sparrows are pretty tough birds.

Ron Wilner



Stopper stalled?

Gregg Olson, our "stopper," did it again in Seattle. I have just come to realize that the term "stopper" refers to a pitcher who "stops" you from winning.

I also imagine that [Todd] Frohwirth is elated over this. He has a loss and he lost a win, all tied to Olson's ineptitude. Sometime soon Johnny Oates will realize that you go into the ninth inning with those who brought you there.

Thomas F. Devlin


Pride of place


I have been a Baltimore pro football fan since the All-American Football Conference days. Baltimore fans have always had one common element despite the lows of start-up teams and the Irsay doldrums -- pride! I think this is a perfect choice for our teams name -- The Baltimore Pride. The logo could be our famous clipper ships, Pride I and Pride II. Our colors could be the choice of either ship. Of course, Baltimore has numerous other sources of pride, i.e., the Inner Harbor, Camden Yards, The Aquarium, Science Center, etc. All of which further re-enforces the "Pride" selection. I'll bet everyone would back this name. Hope you print it to see future fan reaction.

Jess Barnes

Severna Park

Joust a suggestion

Although I do not know Ronald M. Winchester of Baltimore, I agree with him that the name "Lancer" is an excellent selection for a name for our prospective owners to consider as a name for our football team. Every time we score a touchdown a knight in armor, charging around the field carrying a lance and the State Coat of Arms on a shield is emblematic of our official state sport -- jousting.

Mary Lou Bartram



The wheel thing

Sumo wrestling, college fencing, hockey, horse racing, bicycle racing, and yacht racing. All of these sports have appeared in your section labeled "Sports Briefly" at one time or other, but one receives very little coverage by comparison -- bicycle racing. Sumo wrestling has a following in this country, that cannot be denied, but the fact that it receives more coverage than one of the fastest growing around, bicycling, leaves me astounded. On any given day there is a bicycle race somewhere in the world. Let's face it, Greg LeMond doesn't win hardly as often as he used to, but that should not keep one of America's best newspapers from covering an international sport many of us love.

In France, Belgium, and Holland cycling is a national pastime and its racing heroes are lionized in the media on a daily basis. I'm asking for you to do the same; and I accept that it may be difficult to follow such a sport. All I ask is that you run a blurb in your "Sports Briefly" section on cycling more often.

Scott Upton

Ellicott City


Rhyme and reason

Relative to Baltimore's obsession with the name Colts, maybe a name that rhymes with it might be acceptable. Via Webster's New World Dictionary, Third College Edition, I offer the following: Bolts -- sudden --es or movements; withdraws supporter of or abandons a group, city, etc. Jolts -- shakes up; shocks or surprises. Molts -- (or moults) casts off or sheds certain replaceable parts. Volts -- leaps to avoid a thrust; turning movements or gaits of certain trained horses. Poults --- (slang term for poultry or chickens) which are usually crated in a truck and shipped at night.

In conclusion, I would like to add a name for all those who think that Baltimore will get Colts back -- Dolts -- blockheads; stupid or slow-witted person.

Patricia Kratz


Trading places


When is the management going to realize that they made a major mistake releasing [Billy] Ripken, [Joe] Orsulak and [Randy] Milligan? With them last year, we were in contention almost to the last few games. Look were we are now! They made many bad moves, but those were some of the worst. The fans love Billy and the Mets love Orsulak. They [the Orioles' management] should take a long look, before they make another blunder. By the way, what has Harold Reynolds done to help? Nothing!

Theresa McCrachen


Oates foe

Wondering when the Orioles manger Johnny Oates will stop looking like someone off in a dream world [while TV cameras pan to him during an opposing team's offense creaming our Birds] during many telecasts.

People say mangers don't lose games, players do. I disagree! Ask Rick Sutcliffe how he's feeling after pitching a four-hitter into the eighth inning and ahead, 2-0, being removed by Oates (April 22). "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" is definitely applicable. A few weeks ago, [Mike] Mussina gave up three home runs, yet Oates kept him in the game. [Jeff] Tackett messed up a few Saturdays ago running bases like he was in another time zone.


Maybe the Orioles' brass ought to pursue another person to be manager. Oates had better wake up quickly because right now he couldn't successfully manage in the Babe Ruth League. Not many of the working-class people can afford the high tariff to attend a baseball game for four people [average cost $106] only to watch continually ineffective relief pitcher Gregg Olson blow a ninth- or extra-inning loss and a manager who "sleeps" or twiddles his thumbs during a game.

Harry I. Kleiman

Owings Mills

The Desperadoes?

It is with increasing amusement that I read the weekly suggestions for names for a team. The team that, with luck, we may get sometime in the middle of the next century.

It is in my opinion that these are people who, no longer thinking clearly, would saddle the team with such names as Studs or Bombs.


I think we should name the team in honor of all these fans and, therefore, present the only logical choice: The Baltimore


Corinne Michaels


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