Man draws 30-year term in beating of woman, 62 Defendant blames cocaine for attack


A Crofton man, who beat and left for dead a 62-year-ol woman who was working to make extra money to buy Christmas gifts for her grandchildren, was sentenced to 30 years in prison Friday.

Shawn T. McDonnell, 25, of the 1700 block of Greentree Court burst into tears as he tried to apologize to his victim. The robbery took place in November at a TCBY yogurt shop in the 2200 block of Defense Highway in Crofton.

"It was a terrible, terrible mistake that I made," he said. "Cocaine just made me a person that let things get out of hand."

Circuit Court Judge Raymond G. Thieme Jr. sentenced McDonnell to 25 years for attempted murder, five years for storehouse breaking and entering, and a 20-year concurrent term for robbery with a deadly weapon.

County Assistant State's Attorney Fred Paone said the victim, Donna Wiley, was getting ready to open the shop shortly before 10 a.m. Nov. 8 when McDonnell knocked on the door.

Mr. Paone said that Mrs. Wiley let McDonnell inside because his girlfriend worked there and she knew him. He asked to use the telephone and followed her to a back room, where he began beating her, first with his fists, then with a rock he had brought with him.

Mr. Paone said Mrs. Wiley fought back but eventually collapsed on the floor and "played dead" so that McDonnell would leave her alone.

McDonnell took the money from a storage area. When he fled, Mrs. Wiley crawled to a telephone and called 911.

McDonnell was arrested by police two days later while trying to break into a house in Baltimore, Mr. Paone said.

Mrs. Wiley suffered a concussion and broken bones in her face, and was treated for multiple head wounds and 15 cuts on her arms and hands, Mr. Paone said.

Her injuries required 100 stitches, he said.

rTC At the sentencing, Mrs. Wiley said that she still has nightmares about the attack and that she has been unable to work since the beating.

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