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Ex-Bartlett aides paid until mid-July


HAGERSTOWN -- Two senior aides who quit the staff o Western Maryland Congressman Roscoe G. Bartlett, R-6th, will continue to be paid by Mr. Bartlett until July 15, a spokeswoman said.

James Lafferty and Debbie Royal left Mr. Bartlett's staff April 23 to work for the House Republican Study Committee, which researches issues for lawmakers.

Mr. Lafferty had earned $80,000 working for Mr. Bartlett, a first-term Republican whose district extends from part of Howard County to extreme Western Maryland.

Ms. Royal made $42,000.

Many of the 140 Republican representatives contribute to the committee to pay the salaries of legislative researchers, said committee Director Ed Buckham.

Democrats have a similar committee.

After July 15, Mr. Lafferty's and Ms. Royal's salaries will be paid out of the committee's budget, Mr. Buckham said.

Their departure will not affect services for Mr. Bartlett's constituents, said Bartlett spokeswoman Susan Knight.

Mr. Bartlett now has 14 full-time staff members, Ms. Knight said.

House lawmakers are allowed to have up to 18 full-time staffers and four part-time employees, she said.

Neither Mr. Lafferty, nor Ms. Royal have said why they left Mr. Bartlett's staff.

Ms. Royal recently accused chief of staff Tim Woodford of inappropriate behavior toward women staffers.

However, four other staff members, one man and three women, defended Mr. Woodford.

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