Bosnia's Muslim, Serb and Croat leaders gathered wit international envoys in ATHENS, Greece for a last-ditch effort to reach agreement on a peace plan. Bosnian Serbs want the land they've captured to be contiguous, but they are under pressure by Serbia to accept a plan and they appeared to be ready to seek some face-saving amendments.

In WASHINGTON, President Clinton met with his top advisers for more than five hours and decided to pursue stronger action in an effort to halt the fighting in Bosnia, including unspecified "military steps." Secretary of State Warren M. Christopher was dispatched to consult European allies.

In SARAJEVO, four mortars slammed into the center of the Bosnian capital, killing four people and wounding about 20. Bosnian radio reports Serb shelling of several other government-held towns.

U.N. officials said Canadian peacekeepers in the eastern Bosnian enclave of SREBRENICA retreated under fire when they ventured out of town to try to repair the water supply. A U.N. convoy, meanwhile, attempted to reach another eastern Bosnian town, GORAZDE, where heavy fighting was reported. Gorazde has held out for months against surrounding Serb forces, but no relief convoys have managed to get through battle lines in two months.

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