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Around the house* Avoid injuring fingers when...


Around the house

* Avoid injuring fingers when hammering nails in place. Punch a nail through the center of a piece of cardboard or a plastic lid from a margarine tub. Hold the cardboard while pounding the nail with the hammer.

* Brighten up ivory piano keys. Rub surface with half a lemon.

* Keep kitchen cutlery sharp. Use a wooden cutting board. Knives that repeatedly strike metal, glass or Formica will become dull.

* Cottage cheese makes a good substitute for sour cream. Blend the cheese in a mixer or food processor until smooth.

* Clean glass baking dishes with oven cleaner. Follow the directions on can; let sit, then wash off thoroughly.

* Remove price stickers by saturating the label with vegetable oil baby oil. Scrape off with blunt object.

In the garden

* Look through seed catalogs and place your order. Try something different, such as native plants and wildflowers, miniature trees and old-time varieties of fruit and vegetables.

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