Field of 108 forces day of Laser qualifying


There were so many boats (108) yesterday on Day 1 of the Laser Atlantic Coast Championships at Severn Sailing Association in Annapolis that race organizers had a qualifying series to determine competitors for the championship or Gold Fleet this weekend.

Entrants, among the top U.S. and Canadian sailors, will vie to become the top five finishers who will be named to the U.S. Sailing Team; the top 12 will be eligible to train and compete this summer in Europe.

Yesterday, the fleet was halved into Red and White classes, with the top-seeded competitors evenly split between the two. The two fleets started as separate flights in the first race of the day. The top 18 qualified for the weekend's Gold Fleet.

In the day's second event, those not already selected for the Gold Fleet sailed in a combined group with the top 18 finishers in that group of 72 also qualifying.

Red qualifying fleet 1. Peter Dryfuss, hometown unavailable; 2. Henry Filter, Stevensville; 3. Steve Bourdow, Baton Rouge, La.; 4. Ed Adams, Newport, R.I.; 5. Matt Beck, hometown unavailable; 6. Scott Greenbaum, Baltimore; 7. Terry Neilson, hometown unavailable; 8. Bern Noack, hometown unavailable; 9. Zane Yoder, hometown unavailable; 10. Martin Hartmanes, hometown unavailable.

White qualifying fleet 1. Danielle Brennan, hometown unavailable; 2. Nick Adamson, hometown unavailable; 3. Jim Brady, Annapolis; 4. Peter Renkhan, hometown unavailable; 5. Michael Simms, hometown unavailable; 6. Al Girard, hometown unavailable; 7. William Glenn, hometown unavailable; 8. Max Skelley, Havre de Grace; 9. Michael Kalin, hometown unavailable; 10. Philip Barow, hometown unavailable.

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