Daniel McCarrior, 17, of Severn.School: Old Mill...

Daniel McCarrior, 17, of Severn.

School: Old Mill High School.


Accomplishments/Interests: Daniel maintains a 3.95 grade point average and is a member of the National Honor Society, a peer tutor, the school's varsity basketball statistician and on the literary magazine staff.

Since his freshman year, he has been a member of the marching band and this year is the mellophone section leader. Three of the past four years, the band has been recognized as state champion.


Outside of school, Daniel spends time volunteering as an assistant coach and trainer for soccer with the Severn Athletic Club, an organization for which he played for five years.

He also plays with a local Top 40-jazz band.

A county mentorship program has allowed Daniel to work in the computer services department at the Naval Academy.

Daniel plans to attend either Duke University or Carnegie-Mellon on a Navy ROTC scholarship next year and major in computer science.

The scholarship will require Daniel to serve in the Navy upon graduation, after which he plans to enroll in graduate school with his sights set on a career in computer sciences.

In addition, he wants to continue honing his musical talents by performing in a band on a part-time basis.

Comments: "Through all of my [school] activities I've met people who have inspired me and at the same time, I've been able to help others through hard times. There's nothing that pains me more than to sit around and do nothing."