Get with it, JohnI read John Eisenberg's...


Get with it, John

I read John Eisenberg's "Owners send game down the tube" column [March 5] today. Somebody set his alarm clock! There are lights in Wrigley Field, the world champs are from Canada and the Seattle Pilots have moved to Milwaukee. Take the bag off your head, John!

Interleague play would be the greatest thing to happen to baseball since the invention of the bat. As an Orioles season-ticket holder for many years, I was bored of the same 13 teams coming in and the 3 1/2 - to four-hour games. This year, I've purchased tickets for 10 games and will only see seven different teams.

Eisenberg thinks only a Mets-Yankees series would be exciting; he certainly doesn't travel much and knows less. Baseball stadiums will be rocking with Cubs-White Sox, Mets-Orioles, Cardinals-Royals, Dodgers-Angels, Giants-A's, Rangers-Astros, Indians-Reds and Orioles-Phillies just to name a few. There would be World Series excitement five times a year in each ballpark, instead of four to seven nights in October in two ballparks.

However, history certainly is on the side of Eisenberg. Look how inter-conference play has diminished the Super Bowl.

Thank goodness the owners appear to be waking up to the fact that the 21st century is just around the corner. Eisenberg should come to realize that this longtime tradition needs to end.

Alex P. Gross

Owings Mills

Rockets' red glare

The name of our professional football team should have a positive and universal appeal based on a unique aspect of our local heritage. What better source for a name than The national anthem? Suggestions:




Bright stars


Red Glares



How about a referendum by newspaper to pick one from the above list? In this age of terrorism, "Bombers" is a no-no.

Canon Harry Hoffman


Here's a name to try

I would like to submit the name: "Baltimore Mustangs" for the NFL team when it comes to Baltimore.

Mary E. Donovan


Getting to the point

I'd like to enter my suggestion for Baltimore's new football team. Since

the state sport is jousting, how about the Baltimore Knights or maybe Baltimore Lancers?

Ted W. Brooks

Hanover, Pa.


I'm a 29-game plan season-ticket holder. In '92, my lower-reserved ticket cost $8 and I was entitled to two playoff games and half of the World Series games. In '93, my tickets now costs $12 and they are now relabeled left-field lower box -- I'm now entitled to a playoff game and a World Series game. I also must go into a lottery pool to receive All-Star tickets -- no consideration over 13-game plan holders.

Mike Herbert


Owners, go lightly

The owners' latest proposal to realign each major league into three divisions, expand the playoffs to include wild-card entrants and introduce interleague play are pure rubbish. Recognizing the stranglehold monetary interests now have on the game, all three proposals will likely come to pass. As the owners strive to lower themselves to the level of the NBA, NFL and NHL, perhaps they will take a moment and consider three enhancements to the game.

First, eliminate the designated hitter. Recycling aging one-dimensional players was initially amusing but is now irritating. Adding statistics to careers which should have been complete may one day result in an asterisk wing at the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Secondly, bring back day games during the World Series. Baseball claims to be losing its touch with youngsters. Well, no wonder. The entire season builds to a climax which the average youngster is allowed to watch two or three innings before bedtime.

Finally, eliminate artificial surfaces. Grass can be grown indoors. Remember, this is baseball, not billiards.

Owners, please be gentle with this game. It has provided so much for so long; to ruin it for the love of television money would be a travesty.

Rob McCracken


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