Redskins players look to object to agreement


A group of Washington Redskins is looking for more information about the new legal settlement between the owners and the players.

Tight end Terry Orr, a spokesman for 17 of the Redskins, said they have joined the group of players from around the league who want to present their objections to Judge David Doty when he holds a hearing in Minneapolis on April 16 to approve the settlement.

The hearing is considered a formality because Doty was a driving force in achieving the settlement when the owners were balking at some of the provisions.

"We want to be fully aware of everything that's in the document and what it all means," Orr said. A spokesman for the NFL Players Association, noting that few Redskins bothered to show up when the union recently held a meeting on the settlement, said it could probably answer the players' questions.

Linebacker Wilber Marshall previously objected to his designation as a franchise player although Doty has refused to overturn it. Marshall will present his objection again at the April 16 hearing, but it's unlikely that Doty will change any parameters of the settlement.

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