First lady spoof, 'I Am Hillary,' a capital fave rave


It may not be music to Hillary Rodham Clinton's ears but a new song poking fun at the first lady, which just hit the airwaves in Baltimore, is getting more requests than Kenny G at one radio station in the nation's capital.

"I am Hillary, hear me roar. I'm more important than Al Gore," the tune begins, sung to the melody of the 1972 feminist anthem, "I Am Woman" by Helen Reddy.

Baltimore's WVRT-FM (104.3) started playing it on its morning show yesterday, and Program Director Todd Fisher could hardly contain himself.

"It's hilarious," Mr. Fisher said, laughing as he read the opening lines aloud. "One in a hundred of these parodies are worth playing, but this is very well done."

Washington's WRQX-FM (107.3) has been getting close to 50 calls a day for the parody -- more than for any other single song, including the current chart-topper, "forever in Love," by Kenny G.

Produced by Premiere Radio Networks in Los Angeles, the spoof is appearing on dozens of adult contemporary stations across the country and has been featured on TV news programs.

WVRT didn't get a surge of calls after the song aired, and Mr. Fisher said it's too early to say if Baltimore will be as excited about "I Am Hillary" as they are in Washington.

The song's writer, Rob Izenberg, said he was surprised by all the attention "I Am Hillary" has received.

"The idea just came from Hillary being possibly the most powerful first lady ever," Mr. Izenberg said. "She was ripe for a little gentle mocking."

Despite the tongue-in-cheek lyrics, Mr. Izenberg said he happens to be a fan of Mrs. Clinton's.

"I think she's an incredible role model," he said. "I'm kind of glad she's there.

"This song has created a huge buzz," he added. "I am waiting for an invitation to have lunch with Hillary and Bill."

The first lady's press office didn't have any comment on the tune, but Mr. Fisher thinks Mrs. Clinton will take it well.

"It's strictly for amusement," he said. "She's probably got a good sense of humor."

'I Am Hillary'

(To the tune of "I Am Woman" by Helen Reddy)

I am Hillary, hear me roar

I'm more important than Al Gore

I could run this country if I had the chance

Got an office down the hall

Now Bill can't fool around at all

In this White House family I wear the pants

Oh, yes, I'm his wife, but I'm in love with politics

Yes this is the life, I might run in ninety-six

If I want to I will say anything

I'm so strong (strong) I'm un-divorcable (divorcable)

I am Clinton

I am Clinton, I'm un-divorcable

I am Clinton, I am invincible

+ I am Hillary Rodham Clinton

1993 Premiere Radio Networks Inc.

Written and produced by Rob Izenberg and Bill Filipiak.

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