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Zoning panel OKs lot consolidation


The Manchester Planning and Zoning Commission last night unanimously approved a final plan to consolidate two lots owned by Sixty-Seven Enterprises Inc.

Benjamin Perricone, commission chairman, said the plan combines two small lots owned by Sixty-Seven Enterprises on the east side of Route 30, just south of Beaver Street, into one larger lot of just over half an acre.

He said the change came about because the commission had wanted to ensure that the owner of the land would not someday seek to build a driveway or road into Route 30 at the lot's north edge. "We did not want that 50-foot strip to be used as an access," Mr. Perricone said.

He said Sixty-Seven Enterprises responded to the commission's concern by requesting that the town officially combine the two lots. One house is on the lot.

The matter went before the planning commission because the land had to be re-deeded, Mr. Perricone said. He said the only condition on the plan's approval is that some administrative comments requested by the county must be added to the notes on the plan.

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