Hoss talkA name for a future Baltimore...


Hoss talk

A name for a future Baltimore team in the NFL . . . why not call it the Baltimore Stallions or Hosses?

What better way to serve as a reminder that this city's team "gave birth" to the Indianapolis Colts, as well as the state's significance in the history of American horse racing?

Bennard B. Perlman


Rockets red glare?

Regarding an appropriate name for an NFL team for Baltimore: "Baltimore Banners" honors the birthplace of our national anthem.

Another suggestion would imply power -- still honoring the anthem theme -- "The Rockets."

Mary V. Kirwan


Joust about Lancers

After reading the recent article about our prospective owners trying to name a new NFL team, with names like: Cobras, Claws, Bees, Bombers etc., it seems they have all overlooked our state sport: "jousting."

The name "Lancers," with a knight on a charging horse holding a lance and a shield with the state coat of arms would catch on much better than the above names.

A mascot and rider in full medieval attire could circle the field.

Ronald M. Winchester


Driving home a point

I have become increasingly distressed by the media's insistence at changing a time-honored baseball abbreviation for the statistical designation "runs batted in." None of baseball's abbreviations surpass in game-day significance or historical value the "RBI" or "ERA." (referring to both the singular and the plural.)

Recently, I heard Orioles announcer Fred Manfra say that a player at bat had "nine RBI last year." Does he know how that sounds? The phone company must. In an ad that followed, the commercial ended with a phone-service purchaser having "no trouble getting its RBIs."

Phillip G. Dantes


Give horses a ride

It seems strange to me that the Maryland horse industry, long a supporter of the Maryland economy, has once again been subverted to the back pages of the local sports pages, normally spaced somewhere near high school, lacrosse and fishing.

The entire industry gets less reporting than whether Sabatini has the flu. Don't get me wrong, I like Sabatini, and I wish she'd cream Seles and get it over with, but . . .Maryland racing is a major asset to the state, it employs thousands, giving many a second chance to hold steady employment.

It's important to show that Maryland racing is year-round, not just during Preakness Week. There are thousands of stories out there, day after day, owners, trainers, grooms, hot-walkers, people who keep the dream of Maryland racing alive.

an Hollenshade


Baltimore's greatest game

As a teen-ager, I witnessed the Colts' sudden death victory over the New York Giants for the NFL championship.

I saw the Orioles sweep the Dodgers in the 1966 World Series. The excitement created by the 1982 Orioles in that last weekend series against Milwaukee for the American League East title was exciting. But all these sports events pale in comparison to what I saw at the Arena on March 20.

As more than 7,100 fans went crazy, the Spirit fell behind 24-13 with less than half the fourth period to play against the Detroit Rockers. One of eight Baltimoreans playing for the Spirit, Barry Stitz scored three goals within 2 1/2 minutes to tie the game with 40 seconds left. The Spirit won, 26-24, in overtime.

Despite some local sports fans who rate indoor soccer as less than major league compared to pro baseball, pro football and pro basketball, I defy anybody to show me a sport that has more end-to-end action than indoor soccer.

As far as I'm concerned, the "Cardiac Kids" have returned to Baltimore. Congratulations to coach Kenny Cooper, who assembled such an exciting team and brought us another title.

Harry I. Kleiman

Owings Mills


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