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Parlor chair in good shape may sell for $200


Q: Enclosed is a picture of a walnut, cane-seat chair. It was my great-grandmother's parlor chair when she got married in 1857.

How much it is worth?

A: I think she bought this for her 25th anniversary (1882). It might sell for $175 to $200 in good condition.

Q: I've found a mark -- crossed vines looping around the letters "R" and "S" and at the top, a star, with "Prussia" underneath -- on the bottom of a hand-painted porcelain teapot. It is pale green with white-and-red floral decoration and gold trim. I would like to know who made this, when, and its value.

A: This mark was used by the Schlegelmilch brothers in Tillowitz and Suhl, Germany, around the turn of the century. It might sell for as much as $500 in good condition.

Book review: "Basic Book of Antiques & Collectibles" by George Michael (Wallace-Homestead, an imprint of the Chilton Book Co.) is the fundamental handbook for those who collect furniture, glassware, metalwork, decorative art or textiles.

No single book can answer all your questions, but this one comes close. It is profusely illustrated in black and white and color. The text is lucid and articulate.

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