FAMILIES MEASURE THEIR FITNESS AND FAT YMCA sponsors Healthy Kids Day nationally, locally


The Deniker family thinks nothing of starting an impromptu football or baseball game in the backyard. The family -- all eight members -- jumps into the games in just about any sport.

That's the kind of family-oriented fitness promoted yesterday by the nationwide "YMCA Healthy Kids Day," in Carroll County and other YMCA organizations around the country.

"This is to really develop healthy lifestyles among families -- not just children but families," said Anne Kraybill, senior program director at the Carroll County Family YMCA.

Robin Deniker, 13, of Mount Airy, loves to play volleyball, field hockey and basketball. And she likes to run and swim.

Her mother, Blanca Deniker, swims. Her three brothers play basketball and her two sisters are also athletic.

Yesterday she and her sisters participated in Healthy Kids Day, while father Gary Deniker watched.

"I thought it was fun," Robin said. Usually, when she and her sisters go to the YMCA, she said, "we go our separate ways."

Instructors and others volunteered Saturday to administer fitness tests to children and teens, ages 6 to 17.

They did step-aerobics to warm up, then tested for flexibility by touching their toes and for abdominal strength by doing curl-ups. Volunteers measured participants' percentage of body fat.

In the afternoon, whole families teamed up for games in the small gymnasium before finishing off with a swim.

In between the fitness events, the YMCA slipped in another message with flying discs printed with "Just say no to drugs." Children who participated also got free T-shirts, magnets and balloons.

Yesterday's event marked the program's second year nationally and in Carroll.

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