Name: Shirley Murphy of Glen Burnie.Volunteer Work:...


Name: Shirley Murphy of Glen Burnie.

Volunteer Work: For Mrs. Murphy, recent medical findings in the fight against cystic fibrosis (CF) are her reward for volunteer work.

News that researchers have found a link between a genetic disorder and CF reminds her that answers are coming, but there's still work to be done.Since 1986, when she met the state's poster child, Debbie Klipsch, at a fund-raiser, Mrs. Murphy has devoted a great deal of time helping raise money to find a cure for CF, a congenital disease that attacks the pancreas and causes respiratory infections.

On May 16, Mrs. Murphy will be at Anne Arundel Community College helping to organize and manage the local portion of the fifth annual Debra Klipsch Memorial Walk-Relay for Cystic Fibrosis.

For the past two years, Mrs. Murphy has been the top money-raiser at this event, collecting $2,500. Mrs. Murphy says money from the event goes directly to research.

Volunteers are still needed to help staff the walk, which is based on the Arnold campus.

Mrs. Murphy recently received the University of Baltimore's first Volunteer Service Award, which is given to university employees who contribute to their community.

Mrs. Murphy feels her volunteer work has benefited her, too. "It's filled a hole in my life I didn't know I had. It's a really good feeling."

Volunteer's Comment: "I don't consider myself extraordinary, I'm just doing something I believe in."

Organization's Comment: Larry Kushner, director of special events for cystic fibrosis, says Mrs. Murphy is there "whenever we need a helping hand.

"She is a marvelous spokesperson for our cause and we here at the Maryland CF chapter are extremely fortunate to have her as a true friend and representative."

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