MONDAYSENATE* Economic and Environmental Affairs: HB137, Maryland...




* Economic and Environmental Affairs: HB137, Maryland Office of Planning; HB236, Wildlife Management and Protection Fund; HB254, student assistance grants; HB704, negligent hunting; HB730, Maryland Public Broadcasting Commission; HB832, tourism and promotion; HB1018, nontidal wetlands; HB1376, State Board of Waterworks and Waste Systems operators; HB1536, culling standards for imported oysters; HJ22, Maryland energy policy, 1 p.m., Room 200.HOUSE

* Appropriations: SB316, SB354, SB394, SB396, SB398, SB399, SB400, SB486, bills dealing with pensions and retirement, 1 p.m., Room 130.



* Budget and Taxation: HB299, government charges' payment by credit card; HB325, sales and use tax; HB417, Wicomico County property tax; HB534, penalty for failure to file financial information; HB813, sales and use tax; HB849, Harford County property tax; HB904, HB905, development excise tax; HB935, property tax; HB979, Prince George's County transfer tax, 1 p.m., Room 100.

* Economic and Environmental Affairs: HB506, professional land surveyors' estimates; HB551, Carroll County transient vendor laws; HB710, secondhand precious metal object dealers and vendors; HB752, Commission to Save the Lighthouses; HB992, election laws; HB1052, health and business occupations and professions; HB1299, home improvement licenses, 1 p.m., Room * Finance: SB548, Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Corp.; HB371, HB462, HB727, HB783, HB804, HB895, HB1044, HB1285, health insurance bills; HB452, Maryland Historical Trust; Division of Rehabilitation Services; HB1015, Homeless Prevention Program, 1 p.m., presidential wing.HOUSE

* Appropriations: SB223, municipal corporations revenue authority; SB224, state facilities function; SB285, sexual assault policy in higher education; SB388, Montgomery County special obligation debt; SB589, state personnel, medical disqualifications; SB764, social services assistance; SB788, University of Maryland System; SJ9, Joint Federal-State Entitlement Programs, 1 p.m., Room 130.

* Economic Matters: SB139, legislation's economic impact on small businesses; SB379, Maryland Apprenticeship and Training Council; SB380, Sunset extension and repeal; SB381, inspection amusement park attractions; SB520, vehicle laws; SB565, alcoholic beverages pregnancy notice; SB668, alcoholic beverages; SB838, energy performance contracting, 1 p.m., Room 150.

* Environmental Matters: SB96, confidentiality of medical records; SB151, Developmental Disabilities Administration; SB155, utilization review; SB156, civil fines for hospitals; SB157, home health agencies; SB158, domiciliary care homes; SB225, Mental Hygiene Administration; SB382, Office for Children, Youth and Families; SB760, State Board of Foresters, 1 p.m., Room 160.

* Ways and Means: SB1, SB424, SB441, SB733, SB773, SB775, tax laws; SB439, minors' access to cigarettes; SB617, vehicle laws; SJ10, Regional Horse Racing Circuit for Maryland and Virginia, 1 p.m., Room 110.



* Subcommittee on Pensions: HB746, HB790, HB1003, pension bills, 8:30 a.m., Room 100.

* Budget and Taxation: HB866, Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission; HB927, Chevy Chase View Special Taxing District; HB931, Howard County Income Tax; HB981, Prince George's County property tax; HB1341, income tax withholding; HB1531, Homeowners' Circuit Breaker Property Tax Credit, 1 p.m., Room 100.

* Economic and Environmental Affairs: HB585, State Board of Education student member; HB757, HB887, Montgomery County Board of Education; HB907, Reporting of HIV infection and low CD 4+ Count; HB939, Baltimore County Board of Education; HB942, Baltimore City public library video rentals; HB978, Prince George's school board; HB1214, healthful school environment; HB1266, Anne Arundel County Board of Education; HB1534, education -- competitive bidding, 1 p.m., Room 200.

Finance: SB916, HB603, HB1195, HB1458, insurance bills; HB135, HB144, state employees; HB261, highways; HB589, Governor's Advisory Board for Telecommunications Relay; HB773, Apprenticeship and Training Council; HB774, Division of Labor and Industry; HB1110, motor vehicles; HB1425, financial institutions loans to employees, 1 p.m., presidential wing.HOUSE

Appropriations: Capital Budget Subcommittee reports to full committee, 2 p.m., Room 130.

* Environmental Affairs: SB53, developmental disabilities; SB94, Maryland Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act; SB95, analysis of soft drinks; SB119, State Fire Marshal notification of exposure to HIV; SB153, Maryland Medical Assistance Program; SB165, Public Service Commission; SB200, telephone companies' powers; SB489, substance abuse programs for pregnant women; SB812, consent to immunization of a minor; SJ6, plan for services for substance abusing mothers and their infants, 1 p.m., Room 160.

* Ways and Means: SB449, Baltimore City Community Benefit Districts; SB509, kindergartens; SB526, Frederick County Board of Education; SB608, Work Force Investment Board; SB633, Commission on Neighborhoods, 1 p.m., Room 110.l,.5l



* Budget and Taxation: HB131, Department of Budget, Management and Personnel; HB215, Washington County tax exemptions; HB722, state revenue; HB1211, HB1257, HB1263, tax bills, 1 p.m., Room 100.

* Economic and Environmental Affairs: HB95, HB350, HB477, HB561, HB871, HB1232, liquor laws, HB321, dog licenses, 1 p.m., Room 200.HOUSE

* Appropriations: Bill hearings to be scheduled.

* Environmental Matters: SB273, State Board of Nursing; SB324, alcohol and drug abuse treatment programs; SB403, fishery management plans; SB426, out-of-state medical laboratories; SB464, SB465, SB466, SB467, fishing licenses; SB475, Dorchester County sanitary commission; SB491, State Board of Electrologists; SB513, nurse practitioners; SB559, HIV and AIDS education for nurses, 1 p.m., Room 130.

FRIDAY Committee meeting schedules TBA.

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