Catonsville man charged in slaying


A 40-year-old Catonsville man was charged yesterday with beating his 55-year-old brother to death with a baseball bat in the house they shared, Baltimore County police reported.

Michael Eugene Hebron was arrested and charged with first-degree murder and last night was being held at the Wilkens Precinct pending a bail hearing.

Police spokesman E. Jay Miller said the victim, Clifton Leroy Hebron of the 100 block of Wesley Ave. in Catonsville, was found dead in his first-floor bedroom at around noon yesterday.

"He was found with blunt trauma to much of the head and body," Mr. Miller said. "We recovered a bloodstained baseball bat at the scene that was believed to be the murder weapon."

It was the county's sixth homicide this year, compared with 11 by this time last year.

Mr. Miller said a Banneker Center employee whom they did not identify, alerted police. The woman then put a man on the phone whom policeidentified as Michael Hebron. The Banneker Center, located a few doors from the Hebrons' house, is a community center and shelter for the homeless on Wesley Avenue.

The man "got on the phone and told communications he had been drinking and he and his brother had had a fight," Mr. Miller said. "He thought he might have injured his brother kind of badly."

When police arrived at the Hebrons' residence, they met Michael Hebron at the three-bedroom bungalow, where they found furniture and vases overturned. They forced open the locked door to the bedroom where they found the body of Clifton Leroy Hebron.

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