She knows how to turn trends to her best advantage


Amy Lowenstein never met a trend she didn't like.

But as a vice president for HarborView Marina & Yacht Club, Ms. Lowenstein, 32, tones down her style from 9 to 5, saving her wilder side for the weekends.

Visitors to her Owings Mills home realize early on that clothes are her passion. The centerpiece of her living room: a 13-foot by 5-foot painting of shoes.

What sets your style apart?

I'm not afraid to make a statement. I like to wear fun things and be different. I'm somewhat trendy. Whatever's high fashion I try to emulate. Now I'm trying to do the platform shoes and bell-bottom look. I'm not worried about what others think. I wear what makes me feel good.

What do others think?

I get reaction for sure. People call me "the hat woman." Sometimes, it's like "Whoa. What a surprise!" The way I look is not for everyone.

Why hats?

I've loved hats since I was a little girl. My daughter Mollie, who's 3, easily sports a hat. She has all kinds and loves them.

How many do you own?

35 or 40. Bowlers, baseball caps, fedoras, safari hats, sombreros.

Not many people can wear hats well. What's your secret?

Never take off your hat once you put it on. That's the key.

How far will you go to make a fashion statement?

I'm not into being exhibitionistic, and I don't want to look unattractive. I wouldn't shave my head.

It sounds like you dress differently for work.

I'm not conservative, but I'm still professional. I'll wear a hat every other day to work. I do wear suits every now and then.

Where do you shop?

I shop in New York, Washington and Baltimore. Here, I'll go to Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom.

Do you have many accessories besides hats?

I have lots of earrings and necklaces. I'll wear pearls but not the traditional strand. With hats, you have to be careful not to overdo the look. I would never wear big earrings and a big necklace. I've started on pins with a food motif -- a bronze place setting pin and one with vegetables.

What do you wish you had more of?

Everything. I found this Donna Karan black pocketbook at Nordstrom that I totally want. It's round with a cone top and

chain lock. I need it. But when it's something pricey, I usually walk away and see if I still think about.

What's been your best buy?

My new pink suit from Neiman Marcus. It's very fitted with big daisy buttons. It looks very couture. It's a $600 suit that I got for $100.

What do you wear when you're in a funk?

A black cotton jumpsuit. It's very comfortable. I just put it on and I don't have to think about it.

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