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14 firefighters receive Gift of Life, Stork awards

Seven volunteers and seven county firefighters assigned to the Savage Volunteer Fire Company were among the 65 recipients of Howard County Gift of Life and Stork awards presented recently.

Savage volunteer firefighters honored with Gift of Life Logistical Support Certificates were Assistant Chief Kevin Larkins, Lt. Ray Vines, Michael Harrison, Larry Widikowski (twice), Charles Givens, Chris Johnson and Scott Sanders.

Department of Fire and Rescue Services firefighters presented with the Gift of Life award were Lt. Kevin Aftung, Charles King, Rodney Miles (twice), Adam Zielinski and Grover Moore.

The Stork award was presented to Brian Moe and John Bean of the Department of Fire and Rescue Services.

Quick responses after Brandon Whitacre was struck by a car May 2, 1992, at Guilford Park and after Sheila Flood went into cardiac arrest at Clifton T. Perkins Hospital earned the firefighters the Gift of Life.

The Stork award cites the firefighters in the delivery of a baby on Sept. 27, 1992, at a Whiskey Bottom home.

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