Son castigates Woody Allen in letter Affair 'horrible,' 'ugly,' court hears


NEW YORK -- Woody Allen was the only one to take th witness stand yesterday. But it was the voice of a child that seemed to resonate loudest in the packed courtroom.

A letter that Moses Farrow Allen, 14, wrote to his adoptive father was read by Mia Farrow's attorney, revealing a child's-eye view of the heartbreak that this nasty custody battle has apparently wrought.

"You've done a horrible, unforgivable, needy, ugly, stupid thing," Moses wrote to Mr. Allen, 57, after his affair with Ms. Farrow's adopted daughter, Soon-Yi Farrow Previn, 22, became public last year. "If you bring us to court . . . I hope you get so humiliated that you commit suicide."

Although Mr. Allen is seeking custody of Moses along with his adopted daughter, Dylan, 7, and his biological son, Satchel, 5, Moses wrote: "I do know that you can't force me to live with you.

"I just want you to know that I don't consider you my father anymore. It was a great feeling having a father, but you smashed that feeling."

The typewritten letter ended with the words "I HOPE YOU ARE PROUD TO CRUSH YOUR SON'S DREAMS."

Moses might have typed the letter, said Mr. Allen, but the words were Ms. Farrow's. Phrase after phrase came from a phone conversation he had had with Ms. Farrow the night before getting the letter, he testified during his third day on the witness stand. "Needy," he said, "is Mia's favorite word."

Ms. Farrow, often scribbling notes during the exchanges, at times wiped her teary eyes during an exhausting day in court that touched on their family habits, as well as ugly charges and countercharges of blackmail.

The movie director said a "totally hysterical" Ms. Farrow begged him to marry her as a tactic for ending his relationship with Ms. Previn.

In plain view of the children, Mr. Allen said, Ms. Farrow began punching and kicking him: "She suggested marrying me to prevent me from seeing Soon-Yi and I said that's hardly the way." To placate her, he told Ms. Farrow he would consider it.

As for the future, Mr. Allen said, "We have no plans at the current moment to be married."

Yesterday marked the end of Mr. Allen's testimony, but the public airing continues tomorrow when Ms. Farrow takes the stand.

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