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Ex-candidate named association secretary

Marty Szostek, who lost his bid last year to become secretary of the Crofton Civic Association, was selected for the position Monday night after the resignation two weeks ago of Becky Daniels.

Mr. Szostek, who has lived in Crofton since 1978, lost to Ms. Daniels in an election in May. Ms. Daniels stepped down, citing the workload.

The civic association secretary is head of the covenant enforcement committee, which has drawn attention in the past two years from residents who complain either there is not enough enforcement or there is too much.

"I hope to follow in the footsteps of Becky Daniels," Mr. Szostek said, after the 13-member board unanimously voted to accept his application. "I believe she was headed the right way. I think covenant enforcement is the biggest challenge facing Crofton.

Jack Zwirn, the candidate who finished third in the May election, has charged Crofton officials with being lax in covenant enforcement. He said at Monday night's meeting that he didn't apply for the job because he felt the second-place finisher was the appropriate choice.

Bill on Crofton police receives hearing

A General Assembly bill to give the Crofton Police Department state recognition got a hearing yesterday.

The measure was dropped last week from the Judiciary Committee's agenda after the Baltimore County delegation asked for more information. But Sen. John A. Cade, a Severna Park Republican, revived the bill.

Edwin F. Dosek, president of the Crofton Civic Association, and county Police Chief Robert R. Russell testified in favor of recognition of the five-member force by the Maryland Police Training Commission.

The public would see no change in the department if the bill passes, but it would allow Police Chief Deborah Bogush to swear FTC in her own officers, would make it easier for the officers to get jobs in other departments and would put the officers under the protection of the state's Police Bill of Rights.

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